Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Daniel Johnston Tribute

I've been a fan of Daniel Johnston for years. The first time I heard his music was in the movie "KIDS" which to this day is one of my favorite movies. My favorite scene is the one where the skater kids beat a man to a pulp with skateboards in the park. In the background of the scene "Casper the Friendly Ghost" is playing I was so struck by that song I went on to buy that soundtrack later that week for that one tune. I downloaded a few other songs by Daniel but I didn't really know all that much about till years later when the documentary "The Devil and Daniel Johnston " came out and I got to learn just what a weird cool dude he really was. Through that film I also discovered his art work, which I've since grown to love as much as his music. So I thought I'd have some fun translating one of his pictures into my style

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