Sunday, October 3, 2010

These are the latest thing making the rounds on the internet. I had a half hour to waste so I thought I'd make my own.  Why don't you make one for yourself? Here's the link

Greg Capullo- The artist I spent the most time trying to be like growing up. As embarrassing as it is to admit that I ever liked Spawn(In my defense it was the mid 90's and I was 10) Im not ashamed to say that I grew up wanting to draw like Greg Capullo. He belongs to that over the top, overly detailed school of comic artist that was popular in the 90's along with guys like Rob Liefeld, and Todd McFarlane, However Capullo's work still holds up for me, Mainly because unlike Liefeld and McFarlane Capullo actually knows how to draw characters with proper human proportions
William Burroughs- My favorite author. He shot his wife in the head and got away with it, Fucked Allen Ginsberg in the ass, and climbed up from the depths of heroine addiction to the heights of literary superstardom- How could you not love the crazy old faggot? The older I get the less his work seems like vulgar parody and more like clairvoyant prophecy.
Ashley Wood- I really wish I had the balls to string together a series of my scribblings and sell it as a comic book
The Simpsons- I watched as many as 6 episodes of this show a day for over 10 years.
Trainspotting- Any movie that starts with a montage set to Lust for Life is already one of the coolest movies ever in my book. But more then that it's just about the only anti-drug movie that doesn't preach down at you. More and more I see myself in this movie as well as the psychotic losers I grew up with. Probably had more to do with me staying away from hard drugs then any other factor
Stanley Kubrick- My favorite director
Toshiro Mifune- The greatest leading man to ever come out of Japan. Clint Eastwood owes his entire career to  Mifune (watch Yojimbo and Fist Full of Dollars side by side and see what I mean)
Kurt Cobain- My boyhood idle, I still remember the very moment I fell in love with music. It was the first day of middle school and I nervously flipped through the TV to pass the time before I had to head out-when suddenly they played the video for Heart-Shaped Box and all I remember thinking was “Holy shit this is cool.”
Robert Crumb- I stopped reading comics when I turned 12 and realized superheros were fucking lame. But then when I was 13 I discovered R Crumb. Weird, perverted, rambling strips laced with drugs, self-loathing and a big dose of released Catholic repression. Crumb took everything that was always creepy, strange and unwholesome about the american cartoon character and brought it up to the surface and spat it back at your face. Why does Pete always try and kidnap Mini from underneath Micky? Because he wants to rape the bitch! And is Anglefood Mcspade any worse then shit like Amos 'n' Andy?(well maybe it is just as bad but at least Crumb is trying to be ironic)
Paul Pope- Ink is sexy. Computers and Markers are Ink's ugly little cousins. No one wants to fuck a marker, Sure Computers are cute but you know they've already given it up to every loser on your block who's thrown enough money at them. Everyone wants to fuck ink but she only goes with those who really know how to work it. No other artist today understands that better then Paul Pope

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