Tuesday, May 19, 2009


A list of people with whom I share my birthday with:
  1. Joey Ramone (singer from the Ramones)
  2. Malcome X (civil rights leader)
  3. Andre the Giant(wrestler)
  4. Pol Pot(Cambodian dictator)
  5. Albert Fish (serial killer)
  6. Edward James(grandfather)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Desk

Kids in the fourth year of the illustration program at Sheridan all share the same studio space. we each get our own desk which we pick out at the start of the yearSeeing as any space a inhabit for any extended length of time quickly becomes overrun with clutter and filth I thought it be interesting to document how my desk evolved over the course of the school year. To give an insight to my creative process and show evidence for the apparent chemical imbalance of my brain. This first picture was taken sometime in November.
Items on desk: Large sketch book- smaller sketch book with picture of Sid Vicious mugshot on the cover-opened bottle of ink-scotch tape-opened box cutter(for sharping pencils)- Tim Hortons cup full of black inky water- discarded lid from a tupperware container covered in paint-various news paper clippings-Trash.
Images pinned up: 3 vintage prints from the 50's that came with my room-2 Halloween pub posters I designed- Print of my favorite Andy Warhol pictures-4 Sid Vicious mugshots- page from a "1000 Pin up girls" book I bough- copy of a comic I made- pictures of Andy Warhol and Henry Rollins at early Black Flag concert-picture of explosions.
This one was taken during Christmas break
On Desk- Original drawing for Mifune/Eastwood piece along with reference-Glue-whiteout pen- blue box of nibs-blade-hard drive-floss- yogurt container full of inky water and brushes-wooden grinder.
New images on board- Self portrait saying my name- Strange picture illustrating how Satan has used popular music to spread evil since the dawn of time- drawing of Groucho Marx- drawing of a hand- picture of Leadbelly- Andy Warhol self portrait/Debbie Harry- picture of giant burning Christmas tree- picture of Jim Jones
This picture was taken just after my house burned down and I started spending most of the week at school.
On Desk- copies of "Dork comics" "Milk and Cheese" by Evan Dorkin, Paul Pope's "Solo", Jack Kirby's "Machine Man", Geofrey Darrow's "Shaolin Cowboy" Brain Wood's "Channel Zero" "Cannabis Works" by Tatsuyuki Tanaka- pencil sharpener - a lock-various coloured paper-rubber cement- my glasses-free sampler from comic book store.
New Images on board- Copy or Jack Kirby's "Devil Dinosaur " -page from early Captain Marvel Comic by Jack Kirby.-drawing of attacking zombies- Alien baby head picture- demented snow man with large carrot for a penis and two balls made out of coal ( a gift from my friend Dani Crosby www.danidraws.carbonmade.com )-picture of protesting women holding signs reading "We Want Beer 1939". picture of Kurt Cobain- Original drawing from "billions of dead rock stars" piece- Picture of Babies in "Hello Kitty" nursery-Article about "Rock Star INXS" being homeless living in a van in Mississauga with "loser" written over his picture- Captain America Valentines card- wrap around from "Cannabis Works" book Print out of comic strip by me, article about my house burning down.On Desk- Garbage from lunch-water bottle- milk-more pictures of alien baby heads- scissors- news paper-"Girls Rock" Print out
New on board: More articles about my house-broken shoe lace I pinned up- map of Rexdale- picture of Mifune from "Throne of Blood"- Unfinished "Girls Rock" piece.
on desk: Bag or oranges- copy of "Wizard"- Cell phone/cell phone charger- Picture of alien baby head-bottle of ink- water colour kit- little box for nibs- Print outs of Flecher Hank comic-zig zags-roll of fancy paper- tooth paste- copies of "100%" by Paul Pope, "Zombies vs Robots vs Amazons" number three by Ashley Wood, " I Was Kidnapped by Lesbian Pirates from Outer Space!!!: a salacious tale of seduction and lust" by Megan Rose Gedris, "Reflections "by David Mack- empty bottle of Aspirin.
New on board- Self portrait with little girl-original drawing of Mifune- Original drawing for "traffic court" piece.
At some point I started jamming old Nibs and dull exacto blades into the wrist and hands of the skeleton drawing. That can't be healthy
and finally not knowing what to do for the back ground of the "Girls Rock" Piece I cut out a section of the board and stapled it all together at the last minute before sending it off in the mail to be framed. Thus a piece of my desk lives on as part of my art

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