Sunday, April 17, 2016

EVIL Comics Issue 4 Coming soon!

Order your own Special EVIL Package!

I have exactly TWO copies of issue 1 of EVIL Comics for sale!
If you would like an entire run of my award winning series EVIL as it was orignailly printed this is your last chance.
EVIL issues 1-3 are available as part of a Special EVIL Package which inclues the 3 issues of EVIL Comics, a Sketch of WHATEVER you want!(examples previous sketches above) a set of EVIL Stickers, and some zines including the Rob Ford zine college over 20 drawings of the late crack-smoking ex-mayor.
To order please send $40 to my paypal account using my email jamesedwardclark@gmail.com please include your mailing address and what you would like me to draw for your sketch.

My Interview for Speech Bubble Podcast


I did a interview with Aaron Broverman for the Speech Bubble Podcast. This my first in depth interview. If your at all a fan of my work this should tell you everytihng you need to know about James Edward Clark. Check it out, and let me know what you think!

EVIL Comics