Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Broken Pencil Review My Rob Ford Zine

The latest issue of Broken Pencil Magazine featuers a very possitive review of my Rob Ford zine as well as artwork from the book.
Read Broken Pencil’s review here. http://www.brokenpencil.com/reviews/rob-ford-the-zine
If you’d like to order your own Rob Ford zine it comes as part of a package deal. Send $35 to my paypal using my email jamesedwardclark@gmail.com . You get copies of issue 2 and 3 of my award winning comic series, EVIL Comics, a sketch of anything you’d like you get the Rob Ford zine and some other comic zines of mine and a set of 5 EVIL stickers If your interesting in reading issues 1 and 4 of EVIL you can chip in a little extra on your order (whatever you think is fair) and I’ll email you a link to pdf file you can download of issue 1 and 4, Thats about 70 pages of comics.

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